The Google Maps of Accessibility.

Knia Maps

For over 4million Australians with disabilities, and the 1/6 who are over 65, getting around this world can be difficult.

Sadly, there’s no way to know if a venue is accessible not.

But EVERYONE – not just people with disabilities – would love to know where exactly they need to park to be closest to a shop, or stadium entrance, right? Or if the restaurant they’re going to has options for their dietary requirements. Or where they can find a water fountain on a hot, summer’s day!

Knia Maps will let you know ALL of this.

We’ve go BEYOND Google, and add the details that are vital for people with disabilities. We want to make the world accessible for ALL.

And we need your help to do it.

“Since Daniel’s accident, we’ve never visited a new restaurant. Even one step in front of an entrance will ruin a night out.”


How is it powered?

By YOU, of course!

Our app allows users to input data on venues, and outside environments with ease and accuracy. You get rewarded for it through points that can be exchanged for discount vouchers, fuel, and more! Proprietary trust algorithms help validate location information. Plus, we’ve compiled an impressive amount of public data, and have mapped critical services in NSW – including up-to-date bus stop locations, and almost ALL major metropolitan hospitals in Sydney. Not just outside, but INSIDE buildings too, with our proprietary, simple to use, indoor mapping software.

And soon, we’re opening up Knia Maps to let YOU crowdsource information that could millions access their communities around the world!

Jump on Board, Help Us Map!

If you want to help test Knia Maps, or to keep up to date with our progress – click here!

If you your business, university, hospital or other venue to be mapped – contact us! We’d love to work together.

If you’re a person with a disability, or a carer who wants to give us feedback on anything – from the app design, to features you want to see in the app – Click here to complete a short survey!

If you want to request maps we’ve created, ask to volunteer, or ask anything else, get in touch! – Click here!

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